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04/27/2016, 2:15pm EDT

2018 Francisco Gomes Cup 1st round

Mosteiro FM, Dorchester, Grito Povo, Sao Jorge and Internationals have book their ticket and are moving on the second round of Francisco Gomes Cup. In the second round Mosteiro Fm will take on Dorchester, while Internationals will host Sao Jorge.  Grito Povo will get an automatic bye and advance to 3rd round as the best qualifying team in round 1. 

First round Results:

International 3-0 Forapo FC
Mosterio FM 5-0 Raiz CV
Sao Jorge 4-0 Praia Kapital
Dorchester 4-0 Curral Grande
Grito Povo 6-1 Balboa

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